Throw out your bad habits and build some new, healthy habits.

5 Healthy Habits You Can Start Right Now

New year, new you, right? At least, we want to think so, but oftentimes our resolutions end up getting abandoned because we tried to start doing too much at once. This is especially true for health-related resolutions. We want to get healthy and think we have to make the big changes all at once, but …

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New Year''s resolutions aren't all champagne and fireworks.

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

It’s almost a new year – the days are already getting longer, sunlight stretching out a little further every evening. You can feel a fresh sort of energy in the air. And, like many, that energy might inspire you to think about how you’ll change this year, how you’ll make efforts to be a new, …

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Dressing nicely is one easy way to build self-confidence

6 Easy Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Sometimes we feel like life has chewed us up and spit us out on the pavement. Perhaps your confidence was shattered by career problems, loss, or an abusive relationship. Maybe you’re just having a slew of bad luck and aren’t sure how to turn things around. Either way, you can build self-confidence by taking control …

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