Trial Preparation builds the foundation for a lawyer's success.

Preparing to Win: What Happens Before Trial?

Shows like Law and Order depict lawyers winning cases with confident arguments and saucy comments. However, charisma doesn’t make a trial lawyer successful – trial preparation does. Each case hinges on having the proper information prepared and having the right evidence to build on. Because lawyers prepare for trial behind the scenes, we don’t often …

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Child Support 101

The most common questions I get asked as a North Carolina family law specialist are the following: What is child support? How do they determine the amount? What is the process of obtaining child support? Should I or should I not petition to receive child support?

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Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery, this is a topic that is so dear to my heart, and one I have personally experienced. I am empathic to the unsettled souls that walk into my office. My advice, You will be okay after divorce, even if you feel like you won’t be. You could be happier than ever, I am.

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