How to Make the Ultimate Fourth of July Popsicle

What better way to beat the heat this July than with patriotic popsicles? If you want to really knock the socks off your neighbors though, you can’t settle for store bought. But of course, that’s why you’re here. Don’t let the title mislead you – today I’m bringing you not one, but twelve popsicle recipes. …

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Ask Carolyn: Summer Vacation Issues Carolyn Woodruff

Today’s Ask Carolyn answers two questions about summer vacation. Our first reader wants to know what the ground rules should be for a multi-generational beach trip. Our second reader is taking the family cat for a sail.   Dear Carolyn, I just turned in the dates for my summer vacation weeks with my sons (ages …

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DIY Valentine’s Day: Gifts Made with Love Venn Crawford

Valentine’s day is approaching, and pink and red coat nearly every store. Shelves are overflowing with heart-holding bears, roses, and assorted chocolates with dubious fillings. Everything is marketed to say “love,” but is a prewritten card truly the best way to express that? I’m a firm believer that the most meaningful gifts are the ones …

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The Darkest Night of the Year Venn Crawford

Today marks a turning point – it is the winter solstice, the day of the year with the least light. Our days have been waning since the middle of the summer, growing shorter and shorter with each nightfall. Think of the winter solstice as the sun’s version of a new moon – we will see …

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